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Tool baskets

Tool baskets especially designed for spoon carvers or people wanting cool tool storage.

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From a simple small round basket to a robust back pack, from stackable rectangular with integral handles or cool asymmetric with a foraged wood handle - the possibilities are endless.. Scroll down to see a range of tool baskets.

As these baskets are made to order you can customise with extra features like more partitions, an axe carrying loop, shoulder straps or scale up or down. 


Some of these baskets are already listed on my shop (tool basket, shoulder basket and back pack).


To order one of these bespoke baskets get in touch HERE Tell me what you're after and we can work out something suits your needs perfectly. 

Things to consider are


  • size - how are you going to carry your tools - will they stand up or lie down, how many tools, how much weight can you (realistically) carry?

  • shape - rectangular, oval, round, square? Does it need to fit into a specific place?

  • partitions - do you want just one large space, divided in to two spaces, three spaces, four spaces? The number of partitions you go for will impact on the price.

  • additional features - handle or strap, axe loop, lid,  wooden handle etc

  • budget - whats your budget?


Prices range from £29 for a small round basket to £85+ for a back pack, plus postage. I generally only post to the UK. Posting to the EU is still proving a bit of a problem, elsewhere postage will be subject to you paying local taxes too.  You can pay through bank transfer or Paypal. 


You will need to allow up to five weeks for delivery. I'll aim to make you basket quicker but it depends on availability of materials and teaching commitmants. I'll let you know when its finished and on its way.

Large rectangular with one partition.

Prices start from £67 plus postage

Email me to order


Large rectangular with two partitions.

Prices start from £74 plus postage

Email me to order

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