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Railway workers lunch box/lidded hamper

Railway workers lunch box/lidded hamper


This fabulous little hamper was traditionally called a Railway Workers Lunchbox and designed to take a generous packed lunch for one.

As these are made to order you can choose a variety of willow and a range of sizes allowing you to feed two or more people.

You can choose they type of fastening - either a peg and loop of a stick and two loops.

Sizes for this price range from 

Base 20 x 14cm - 23 x 15 cm

Height 21cm - 23 cm

Lid 20 x 28cm - 22 x 31 cm

If you woud like a biger hamper please get in touch 📧 

Please allow up to four weeks for delivery

The price includes postage (UK ONLY) and packing (in recyled packaging)

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