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Hen basket

Hen basket


This hen or ose basket is a very old design - you can see images of similar styles of baskets in medeaval manuscripts. You might also remember them from the early 60's too when Bridget Bardot made them famous.

Ive adapted the design slightly and use buff willow for the handle. This will give the handle a soft, smooth texture and will be kinder on the hands. The rest of the basket is 'brown' willow - natural willow with the bark left on.Colours of brown willow wil vary.

I am still learning to make this style of basket, and although they are very much a labour of love as they take nearly a day to make I am selling them at a price that reflects their slightly less than perfect shape (while Im an apprentice hen basket maker). They will be strong and perfectly usable though.

If I have them in stock I will send you a picture of the ones I have so you can choose the one you want. If I dont have them in stock I will make yours to order, so please allow up to three weeks for delivery. Do bear in mind that they are seasonal though, and if I run out of materials I will add you to the waiting list for next year when the willow is next harvested.

Size - 38cm (h) x 40cm (w) aprox.

*The price includes postage and (recycled) packaging. If you would like to buy more than one item please email me before purchasing so I can combine postage.

*Prices are for UK postage only - please email me if you live outside the UK before purchase


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